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Evans Farm

We are pleased to assist Shannon Powell and NAI Wheelhouse in the sale of this 300-acre irrigated farm located approximately 9 miles East of Plainview and 5 miles West of Lockney in between CR 156 & CR 166 in Floyd County. This farm can be purchased on its own or in conjunction with the 170 acre irrigated El Norte Farm in Hale County near Plainview.

The Evans farm features 8 irrigation wells tied together to create a total of 600 GPM per the seller. Five of the wells run on 10 HP pumps, and three feature pumps at 15 HP. In addition to the wells, the farm has a tailwater pit with a 10 HP Dobb floating lake pump. Due to the small reservoir, the pivots can run without the well. This is an excellent advantage to the property and can help mitigate water usage from the wells throughout the year.

The farm includes a 1300 Ft. 2007 Valley pro panel with a 10 HP Booster, and a 1311 Ft. 2001 Zimmatic. The farm also features a tail pit for additional water usage (see Water for more details).

Roughly 70% of the land is made up of Pullman clay loam soil with 1% or less slopes. Olton clay loam with slopes up to 3% cover roughly 13% of the property. Randall and Lofton clays can also be found in parts of the farm.

The farm has a history of growing a variety of crops throughout the years, including corn, cotton, wheat, and grain sorghum.

The Evans Farm has been reduced for a total list price of $840,000, or $2,800/acre.

Buyer is encouraged to conduct their own due diligence prior to purchasing. All info listed above is according to the best knowledge of the seller and other relevant sources. The TX Real Estate Group will not be held liable for any information found to be inaccurate during or after closing the buying process. All buyers agents must be identified on first contact and accompany buyers on all showings in order to be given full participation fee. If these requirements are not met, participation fee will be at the sole discretion of the TX Real Estate Group.



Listing Price

$840,000 ($2800/acre)

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